A white paper has been produced to provide in-depth detail about the results of the project and the findings. Analysis has been done into the current situation of simulation and forecasting technologies and recommendations have been made regarding the future direction.

White Paper - The Roadmap for Simulation and Forecasting Technologies

This document reports the results of developed by the Pathfinder Consortium through numerous internal and external consultations over a period of 10 months, including discussions with representatives of the European Commission, workshops with advisory groups form industry and academia, and consultations with the “European Factories of the Future Research Association” (EFFRA).

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Pathfinder Vision on Simulation and Forecasting Technologies - a Three Layer Approach

The high level vision, that depicts the future relations among the factory, humans, neighbourhood and value chain, is embraced by Pathfinder, and recognized as the long term goal. This vision must be positioned in a lower level framework, capable to endow it brought forward by the Industrie 4.0 Initiative. The accordingly envisioned Factory, whose production phase happens at the cross-over intersection of product and factory life-cycles bases its manufacturing operations on the convergence of physical world and virtual world in the form of Cyber-Physical Systems, framed in the contexts of the evolved automation pyramid.

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Analyses of Innovation and Road-Mapping Programs on Simulation and Forecasting Technologies

This document provides an overview of the innovation and road-mapping programmes across Europe at regional level, highlighting the role envisioned for Simulation and Forecasting Technologies within national initiatives. This analysis empowers an effective harmonization of the Pathfinder challenges future definition with the activities running at regional level, promoting mutual empowerment and boosting potential impact of the future work-programme to which Pathfinder is expected to contribute.

This document also identifies associations and centres of excellence specifically working in the field of S&FT.

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